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The bounce life licensee program

The World's First Fully Inclusive Global Acrobatic Fitness Community

At The Bounce Life, we take fitness in Unique and NEW directions.  Our goal is to create a Global Acrobatic Fitness Community that allows all community members to experience what it is like to train and move like an Acrobat. If your gym or trampoline park is looking for an exciting new revenue stream that engages your ‘Bouncers,’ this is the program for you!

The Bounce Life aims to:

  • Put a ‘Bounce’ in your step; introducing ‘Bouncers’ to new styles of acrobatic movement

  • Create a community for anyone who wants to ‘feel’ what it is like to train like an athlete

  • Share ideas and knowledge for the continuing promotion of healthy living lifestyles

  • Offer a new experience, fill quiet times with new revenue streams and entice new customers


The Bounce Life  Program will equip parks and gyms alike to create their own fitness classes that draw in new customers from all walks of life. This program encourages anyone to discover the joy of Freestyle movement. Many programs only promote weight loss and extra strength, but we aim to have your customers fall in love with movement. When you join The Bounce Life, you will receive 1 FREE Instructors Course ($160 USD value) certified by Rebound Therapy International Ltd. and GRT Network. Your Instructors will learn acrobatic movements to adapt to anyone, at any skill level or age. This way ANYONE can ‘feel’ and train like an acrobat but without the high impact.

Never before has there been a truly Global Acrobatic Based Fitness Community! We aim to build this community within gym clubs and trampoline parks all over the world and expand into online classes and even large fitness events for the whole family. By joining The Bounce Life, gym owners provide a ‘Program’ for their customers, as well as a community where everyone is welcome to experience acrobatic training at their own pace and skill level. There are NO acrobatic Flips or Twists! Instead, we have created a specialized training platform that breaks down acrobatic skills into controllable movements so customers can train like a real acrobat but without the risks. Customers will learn to:

• Stretch Like A Gymnast  • Become Agile Like A Circus Artist • Learn Body Rhythm  • Move Freely Like A Parkour Athlete • Create New Body Shapes Like A Contortionist  • Balance Your Body Like A Yoga Expert  • Fly In The Air Like A Trampolinist  • Develop Explosive Power Like A Tumbler

Instructors and ‘Bouncers’ will be able to connect all over the world with other Bouncers and exchange ideas, programs and inspiration, as well as offer online classes booked directly through the website. This new community will make you fall in love with movement of all kinds to the point you forget you are burning calories and rediscovering your body at the same time. 

Welcome To The Bounce Life!

International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP) and Independent Gymnastics Affiliation (IGA) members will receive a 15% discount off the Licensee Program Fee.  Please contact them to receive your discount code. All prices are in US Dollars.

For IATP Contact: For IGA Contact:

Let’s Work Together

Please fill out the form below to begin your Bounce Life Licensee Program & join our community.

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