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Trampoline BASED Fitness

Online Training Course       

Let’s Work Together

Many thanks to Authority Sports UK for partnering with us on the exciting new initiative. This is an add-on module for those who hold a recognized trampoline coaching certificate. Trampoline exercise, like any physical activity, carries with it an inherent risk of injury if relevant precautions are not taken. I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that I have the necessary experience and insurance in place before teaching any trampoline based activities.

I understand that having full knowledge of exercises and being able to teach them safely is more important than my own personal performance. I understand that I should not perform any exercises that I am not happy with or which I feel may cause or aggravate an existing or previous injury. I accept full responsibility for my personal health and safety and will not hold my employer, the training course organizers or the program organizers responsible for any injury I may incur.


Your data will be retained by GRT Network Inc. /  Rebound Therapy International Ltd for five years for the purposes of evaluating eligibility for subsequent courses, providing evidence of training (this is useful if you misplace your certificate) and demographic profiling.  After 5 years your data will be deleted.  We do not share data with any third party.  At any time you may ask to check your data held, to ensure it is up to date.  You may request that any data not required for the effective running of the organization be removed if you so wish.

You will receive emails throughout this course with links to course videos and other essential aspects of your training.  We will also periodically keep you informed of updates, research, courses, relevant news, job opportunities, etc. You can opt out of this at any time.  You are welcome to provide a home or a workplace address, wherever you would like your certificate to be sent on completion of this training course. 

Please tick the box below to indicate you have read and understand these terms and conditions. 

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